Bradmagic is an SF-based magician and conjuror taking delight in finding ways to question reality and punch your brain in the mouth—er, face head.

Portrait by Vince Donovan

Portrait by Vince Donovan

Bradmagic—aka Brad J. Aldridge—is a magician, based in San Francisco, performing a kind of Art school, dada, dad-Rock magic where he explores the idea of reality, and why magic is so freaking awesome—and why we hate to love it.

Performing magic since he was 6 years old, Bradmagic has been onstage ever since—except not really.  

He's performed around the globe—not necessarily in venues, but you get the idea.  He has, however, performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood; where he is also a member.  


He is also on the staff of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine—magic's oldest continually published, independent journal.  

Brad has spoken about the intersection of magic, art, and design at length at CCA, SFAI, and UC Berkeley.

Bradmagic's alter-ego, and his daytime bill-paying job, is in creative work as a an art director and designer.


Photographer: Kathryn Jaller
Bradmagic at the Mojo Theater, San Francisco